18 Of The Darkest Moments In Comedy TV Shows

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When DJ fainted after starving herself on Full House

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Episode: “Shape Up”

When D.J. gets invited to Kimmy’s pool party, she’s desperate to lose weight. So desperate, in fact, that she tapes photos of skinny models on the kitchen fridge. When Becky learns that D.J. is trying to look like them, she suggests a diet. And from there, things pretty much go downhill.

D.J. simply decides to quit eating by feeding her food to the dog and swapping out meals for “ice pops.” Stephanie quickly catches on, but D.J. makes her swear to never tell. It isn’t until she collapses at the gym when a worried Stephanie admits what D.J. has been doing to the family. By the end, it’s Danny who has a heart-to-heart with D.J. and helps her realize that she is already beautiful inside and out. The writers did an awesome job of tackling how young teens struggle with body image issues.

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