18 Of The Darkest Moments In Comedy TV Shows

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When Marshall’s dad died on How I Met Your Mother

18 of the Darkest Moments in Comedy TV Shows sitcom dark moments 6 png

How I Met Your Mother

Episode: “Bad News”

This episode is especially heartbreaking because when the real “bad news” comes, Marshall is giddy with good news about his fertility. He spent the entire episode worried about his and Lily’s ability to get pregnant because they tried unsuccessfully for months. But after they visit their specialist, they learn that they have nothing to worry about. Marshall immediately tries to call his dad to share the good news, but his dad doesn’t pick up. It’s in this moment that Lily shows up in a taxi with tears in her eyes, telling him that Mr. Eriksen passed away after having a heart attack.

Marshall is clearly grief-stricken as he embraces Lily and in tears, he says, “I’m not ready for this.” We were NOT ready for it either.

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