18 Of The Darkest Moments In Comedy TV Shows

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When Elaine had a stalker on Seinfeld

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Episode: “The Opera”

Had there not been a laugh track in this scene, we’d have easily mistaken it for a horror/thriller clip. When Elaine stumbles upon Crazy Joe’s creepy wall of photos of her, he sneaks up behind her and startles her. When she asks him about the photos, he declares that his home is a “shrine” to her. He also admits to following Elaine and taking photos of her at work, at home, and even in her shower.

Once she’s thoroughly creeped out, Elaine tries to quickly make her exit, but Joe blocks the door and goes as far as threatening her life. …It’s definitely not what we’d expect from this light-hearted sitcom. But fortunately for Elaine, she gets to escape after spraying his eyes with pepper spray.

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