20 DC Heroes That Won’t Be Appearing On The Arrowverse Any Time Soon

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Missing DC Heroes

The CW

Unlike Deathstroke and Deadshot, Arrow fans never got to see a fully-fledged Katana. The series hinted that Arrow character Tatsu Yamashiro was the sword-wielding badass with her alias, costume, and, well, *sword*, but she was never able to take up the Katana mantle before leaving the series during season four. Katana is yet another character lost to the Suicide Squad franchise, and although Screen Rant has hope for the character’s ~official~ debut on the show, it looks like the evidence is not on their side. We’re not sure if the CW never had the rights to the Katana name or if they were just ramping up for a big reveal, but it doesn’t really matter anymore.

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