20 DC Heroes That Won’t Be Appearing On The Arrowverse Any Time Soon

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Blue Beetle

Missing DC Heroes

DC Comics

Arrow planned on featuring Ted Kord, the Blue Beetle, as a new vigilante who tries to woo Felicity Smoak away from Oliver Queen during the show’s third season, but then-showrunner Andrew Kreisberg told Comic-Con attendees that DC wouldn’t share his rights because they had other plans for the character. The Blue Beetle’s arc was replaced by Chuck hottie Brandon Routh‘s Ray Palmer / The Atom, but it’s been years since Andrew got the big N-O without any word of a live-action Blue Beetle project. There was a rumored buddy cop movie with Booster Gold floating around in 2015, but the latter character is getting his own star-studded Netflix series with John Krasinski as the rumored lead, so that can’t have been the issue.

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