15 Times Disney Channel Stars Threw Shade At the Network

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Way before stars like Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato became award-winning pop sensations, they graced our TV screens as lovably quirky Disney Channel characters. Hannah Montana showed us how to balance a double life, Sonny Monroe taught us that it was okay to be different, and then when the cameras stopped rolling, the actors were just as bubbly and carefree in real life (or so we assumed). Little did we know, though, that their experiences behind the scenes were often a stark contrast to the enthusiasm they showed on screen.

Quite a few stars have revealed that there are flaws beneath the network’s squeaky-clean surface. For instance, some have opened up about the ongoing pressure to keep up a perfect image and simply feeling overworked. Meanwhile, others have mentioned feeling creatively stifled and being stuck with a kid-friendly label. Though we imagine that these actors are beyond grateful to Disney Channel for launching their huge careers, it hasn’t stopped them from sharing all the downsides and speaking out against the channel.

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