15 Times Disney Channel Stars Threw Shade At the Network

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Dylan Sprouse


If you’re still confused about why the Suite Life of Zack and Cody spin-off suddenly ended, it turns out it was because Disney refused to work with the twins and give them creative freedom. Dylan noted that when he and his brother pitched an idea for where the show could go, they weren’t taken seriously. But about a year later, Disney executives approached them again and essentially recycled the twins’ idea as their own. To add insult to injury, they had no intention of giving the brothers any producer credits.

Dylan said in a YouTube video: “They’re like, ‘Well, we said no to your idea, let us pitch you our idea that we came up with for the next season … Zack goes to work in Miami with Cody, they go to this hotel, and there’s this kid who has a single dad and you guys raise him up like he’s this prodigy of yours’ …Cole and I turned to each other and we basically laughed in their faces and walked out. And that was the last meeting we had with Disney.”

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