20 Early ’00s TV Shows That Were Way Ahead Of Their Time

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That ’70s show

The Carsey-Werner Company

Believe it or not, That ’70s Show wasn’t actually filmed in the 1970s. (We know you knew that.) The show had its debut episode in 1998 and had eight successful seasons through the mid-aughts. The storyline revolved around six teenagers who spent much of their time in one of their parents’ basements getting high and shooting the sh*t — just like we did in the ’90s, ’00s, and for some of us — even today. Though it’s based the ’70s, the two female leads — Jackie and Donna — were strong, intelligent characters who defied archetypes and didn’t let their guy friends and romantic interests walk all over them. Donna was a straight-talking, self-proclaimed feminist which we think was a breath of fresh air during the early noughties.

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