17 Early ‘00s Reality Shows We Almost Forgot About

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Flavor of Love


You probably don’t know this, but modern meme culture owes Flavor of Love a deep and unpayable debt. The VH1 reality show documented rapper Flavor Flav‘s search for love. But while Flavor Flav never found the love of his life, the internet did find a lasting connection in the form of first season contestant Tiffany Pollard. If you don’t recognize Tiffany’s name, you certainly recognize her face. Her shocked exclamations about Beyoncé have become legendary meme material, and all of our lives have been made better by Tiffany’s presence on the internet. It’s also worth noting that Tiffany was the show’s runner-up two seasons in a row, which might be an unprecedented feat in the history of reality TV dating. The show ended after its third season in 2008.

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