17 Early ‘00s Reality Shows We Almost Forgot About

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We truly did not deserve the masterpiece that was Punk’d. The MTV show, which ran in its original format, hosted by the beloved Ashton Kutcher, from 2003 to 2007, pranked all of our favorite celebrities. Punk’d was really the best of a robust genre of prank shows and it was delightful both for its audacity and the fame of its guests. We loved seeing normally calm and collected celebrity guests swept up in bafflement, confusion, and occasionally terror as they tried to make sense of what was going on around them. It was nice to know that no matter their level of fame, everyone is just as capable of feeling completely blindsided. It helped that Ashton Kutcher’s lovable frat bro demeanor made it feel like Punk’d was all in good fun, not matter how crazy things got.

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