18 Essential Episodes of Game of Thrones To Re-Watch Before the Finale

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Game of Thrones is coming to an end and, TBH, we’re devastated. The fantasy drama has been a staple on television for the last eight years and our Sunday nights will seriously never be the same without it! In preparation for the final season, it’s time to revisit some of the best and most essential episodes of Game of Thrones. The ones with big twists, raging battles, and more than a few dragons. There may not be enough time to binge watch the entire series again, but you can surely pencil in a few of these must-watch episodes before the final season finally arrives!

It’s hard to pinpoint just 18 essential episodes of Game of Thrones. They’re all so good! So, we went with fan faves, eps that push the plot along significantly, or ones that caused an uproar of some type when they aired. All the old standbys are here — The Red Wedding, “Dracarys,” and a heavy dose of our old friend, Hodor. This series has been one of the most defining of the ’10s and it’ll surely be sad to see it go. So, before its swan song arrives, re-watch these essential episodes of Game of Thrones and prepare for the beginning of the end!

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