20 Differences Between Euphoria & The Israeli Show It’s Based On

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They Deal With 9/11 In Disparate Ways



The 9/11 terrorist attacks irreversibly changed life in America, but Israel’s Euphoria series also addressed the world-shattering 2001 tragedy despite being set in the ’90s. Series creator Ron Leshem told an Israeli news outlet that Euphoria‘s first episode begins by exploring how millennials that saw “people jumping from the Twin Towers” at age eight would cope with life at age 17. He also explained that he chooses to write about worlds or experiences he feels that he missed out on, which might explain why his series ultimately took place before the terrorist attack occurred. HBO’s adaptation also starts with a mention of the tragedy, with Rue explaining that she was born three days after 9/11 and her parents spent most of their time in the hospital grieving. Gen Z is the first generation to grow up without any knowledge of the world before 9/11 and has thus experienced adolescence in a fundamentally different way than anyone who came before them.

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