20 Differences Between Euphoria & The Israeli Show It’s Based On

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There’s No Trangender Character

Differences Between Euphoria


Hunter Schafer’s transgender character Jules is one of HBO’s most beloved additions to Euphoria. Jules is such an integral part of the series, it’s surprising that Israel’s original production didn’t include any transgender characters or even a lesbian principal character. It seems like Jules was adapted from the character “Kino.” Kino lives alone because his parents are on a mission in Shanghai, and he spends most of his time dreaming about his deceased friend Raanan and an imaginary trip to South America. Kino befriends Rue and lets her live with him at his parentless apartment. Israel’s Euphoria does include multiple gay characters, but HBO’s adaptation shows how far the media has come in portrayals of LGBTQ youth (and how far we have to go).

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