Exploring Religious Iconography In CAOS: What It All REALLY Means

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Chilling Adventures of Sabrina was one of 2018’s most highly-anticipated TV releases, so naturally, we’re on our third re-watch of the series already and have had plenty of time to dissect the series’ many intricacies and gaffes (Ben Button was already dead! Alice Cooper is a witch!) With the holiday special coming up, we’re already preparing for more adventures with our favorite Satan-worshippers and the mortals who love them. The bonus episode’s surprise announcement was a relief after reports arose that legal issues regarding a statue of Baphomet might force Netflix to remove the show from its servers in conjunction with a $50 million lawsuit from the Satanic Temple.

Chilling Adventures is filled with religious iconography ranging from occult inventions to ancient figures from the rabbinic Talmud, and even after a dozen years of religious studies classes, I still didn’t understand about half of the references I did manage to catch during the show’s first ten episodes. After scouring the internet for season two theories because I’m impatient, I realized that these little details might be the key to figuring out what comes next for Sabrina Spellman. Thus began my deep dive into religious tradition, ancient tall-tales, and Netflix screengrabs. The nuns from my high school would be so proud. Read on to learn about the religious iconography on Chilling Adventures, whether you want to learn more about the rich and wickedly beautiful history of our world, or you just can’t justify watching the series for the fourth time.

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