20 Times Fans Actually Saved TV Shows From Cancellation

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The WB

The show was nearly canceled after its first season due to poor ratings, but fans weren’t prepared to let it go that easily. To get a second season, they sent bottles of Tabasco sauce to The WB, a popular condiment that the aliens on the show loved putting in their food. Over 6,000 of them were sent and it actually worked, leading to a second season. In an attempt to improve ratings, more sci-fi elements were introduced, but sadly, this didn’t really help.

So after season two, the network canceled Roswell again and this time, for good. Still, the fans were so determined to get another season that they sent more Tabasco sauce bottles to UPN. With some persuasion from the show’s producers, UPN decided to air the third season of the show. But unfortunately, this would also be its final one because of poor viewership.

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