20 Times Fans Actually Saved TV Shows From Cancellation

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The Expanse


The Expanse was (and still is) a critical success and it has tons of loyal fans, so when Syfy announced that they’d be canceling it after three seasons, it came as a bit of a shock. Fans got creative in their efforts to get the show back. Aside from getting 100,000 signatures for their petition, several fans (and some celebrities, including Wil Wheaton and George R. R. Martin) went as far doing a crowdfunding campaign that paid a plane to circle around Amazon Studios with the banner “#SaveTheExpanse.”

Jennifer Salke, the CEO of Amazon Studios, explained: “Really smart people, whose opinions I really value creatively, started reaching out to me, saying, ‘have you seen this show, The Expanse, it’s actually great’. I hadn’t so I spent some time, I watched the show and I was like, this show is actually really well done, why is nobody watching it?” It was enough to get Amazon to pick up the show and as of now, it’s still going strong.

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