18 Low-Key Feminist Icons From Your Favorite CW Shows

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Paris Geller (Gilmore Girls)

lowkey feminist icons

The CW

The Gilmore Girls have their feminist moments. Well, maybe not Rory so much, but Lorelai definitely does alright for herself by eschewing her wealth to recapture her agency and define herself on her own terms, and she’s a smart and self-sacrificing mother. Still, Paris Geller is the series’ only hope for actual feminism. She’s ambitious, self-actualized, self-assured, and resilient, and she doesn’t let society or the ideal of the quiet, pretty woman that Rory so perfectly emulates dictate her actions or her self-worth. She’s equal partners with her future husband Doyle, and she’s basically a young, fictional Hillary Clinton — the only professional fault people really find in her is that she’s so competent that people less strong than her are intimidated.

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