18 Low-Key Feminist Icons From Your Favorite CW Shows

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Caroline Forbes (The Vampire Diaries)

lowkey feminist icons

The CW

Caroline Forbes, portrayed by Candice Accola on The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, and (inevitably) Legacies, started out as a mirror-image of the Caroline we meet in the Vampire Diaries novels: shallow, insecure, and largely out of the loop. After becoming a vampire, Caroline went on a journey of self-discovery that made her not only one of the most compelling and endearing characters on The Vampire Diaries, but on any CW television series. Caroline becomes competent, wise, and compassionate while remaining as goal-oriented as ever. Now, instead of putting her considerable talents to use by taking over the cheerleading squad, the Mystic Falls beautification committee, and the school council, she involves herself in matters of life-and-death to protect the people she loves.

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