17 Fictional TV Shows We Wish We Could Binge-Watch

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TV shows love to make fun of TV shows. After all, there are tons to watch, and always a new obsession to be found. It’s a way of connecting with audiences, and it’s often an effective in-world joke. When a TV show introduces viewers to a fictional TV show that the characters watch, we connect with those characters. The real-world viewers also watch TV, and so there’s a feeling of mutual understanding that’s established. These characters watch TV, and so do we.

Often times, these shows within shows are an exaggeration of what actual TV is like. They’re more dramatic, often have the stupidity revved up a notch, and can be slightly less realistic. Still, they often speak to the way TV is working in the era they’re being created. Plenty of good TV shows come with a bonus show tucked inside them. Here are 17 fictional TV shows we wish we could binge-watch.

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