2000s TV Shows You Forgot About That Were Actually Great

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Forgotten 2000s TV Shows 8 Simple Rules


There are so many television shows that launch every season. Just think about all of the new shows that came out last year. It is impossible to remember them all. So, trying to recall shows from a decade or two ago — like “fetch,” just isn’t going to happen. We will remember our all-time favorites, but there are a lot of forgotten 2000s TV shows. It’s too bad because some of the shows we forgot about were genuinely decent.

The 2000s were an interesting time for television thanks to the massive explosion of reality TV and some very addictive teen dramas. And it was a great time for comedy. You’ve probably re-watched (the early years) of The O.C. and Lost countless times. Why not switch things up by getting reacquainted with some one-time favorites? Here are the forgotten 2000s TV shows that were actually really good. It’s worth watching them again or watching them for the first time.

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