36 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets of Friends You Definitely Don’t Know

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Friends is one of the most beloved sitcoms of all time. So, naturally, it has a rabid fan base. But, even the most devoted fan would be surprised at the behind-the-scenes secrets of Friends that they don’t know! So much was going on off-screen — and not all of it was wholesome! Drug use, discord, and some serious dislike for certain plotlines were just a few of the unbelievable things that happened when cameras weren’t rolling. These behind-the-scenes secrets of Friends reveal so much!

It wasn’t all so crazy, though. The cast remains real-life friends, they had plenty of enjoyable days on set, and the show took them all out of relative obscurity. These behind-the-scenes secrets of Friends are funny, informative, and sometimes jaw-dropping. It’s kind of wild how much stuff was hidden from audiences throughout the shows run! Any true Friends fan will want to eat up all these facts — and find any that we missed ASAP!

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