36 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets of Friends You Definitely Don’t Know

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Real injuries and medical conditions were written into the show

phoebe pregnant


When something happened to the cast in real life, it was often written into the show. For example, in the third season, there was an episode where Joey wore a sling. It was explained away as he hurt himself jumping on the bed (such a Joey move), but it was actually a real-life injury. He sustained it on-set during a scene where he and Matthew Perry had to run towards a big, comfy chair and they ended up colliding, causing a shoulder injury for LeBlanc. Another medical condition that was written into the show was Lisa Kudrow’s pregnancy! The season-four storyline where Phoebe has her brother’s children as a surrogate was thought up as a way to deal with Kudrow’s real-life growing belly. This is one of those behind-the-scenes secrets of Friends that explains so much about that crazy plotline!

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