36 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets of Friends You Definitely Don’t Know

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Jennifer Aniston was reluctant to do the tenth season



Jennifer Aniston was becoming one of the biggest stars in the world near the end of the series. She was married to Brad Pitt, doing movies, and her famous haircut was everywhere. So, we understand her hesitance to do the tenth season. After the ninth, she wasn’t sure if she wanted to come back for another go-round, citing the fact that she wanted the show to go out on top while fans still loved it. She also didn’t know how much more Rachel she still had in her. Her reluctance to sign on led to a shorter final season, but also some incredible episodes we wouldn’t have gotten otherwise! Thank goodness the series didn’t end with the season nine finale which ended in a cliffhanger that involved the doomed Rachel and Joey relationship!

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