40 Mistakes and Continuity Errors You missed on Friends

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NBC’s Friends will forever be one of the funniest and most popular sitcoms of all time. The fact that it ran for a solid ten seasons and that it still has fans hoping for a possible reboot is already proof enough. However, while the producers did a phenomenal job of creating engaging characters and hilarious storylines, they also created some plot holes and slipped up on a few things during the editing process. Most fans might not have caught on to these mistakes because they were way too focused on following each episode’s plot. But if you’ve seen your fair share of reruns over the years, then you’ve probably spotted at least a few.

To be fair, we understand that it’s tough to get everything perfectly right in terms of continuity. After doing several takes of the exact same scene, props are bound to get shifted around and actors are more likely to switch their positions. However, when those inconsistencies are super obvious, like say, completely changing a character’s shirt color in a single scene, it’s tougher to ignore. See which errors you might have missed while watching Friends:

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