20 Actors Who Look Totally Different From Their Game of Thrones Characters

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Game of Thrones Actors In Real Life Bronn Reaction


We might have gotten to know a slew of characters very well over the course of eight seasons of Game of Thrones, but, that doesn’t mean that we would recognize them in real life. In fact, we know that there are some big GoT fans that could pass some of the cast on the street and not realize it because they look that different. A lot of the Game of Thrones actors in real life look nothing like their characters. Some of them look like completely new people.

There’s more to the characters versus the actors and actresses in real life than the dissimilar fashion. Take away the fur coats, the swords, and the ornate braided hairstyles and there are still some striking differences. For one thing, there are more hair makeovers on Game of Thrones than you probably realized. Take a look at the surprising photos of Game of Thrones actors in real life compared to how we’re used to seeing them on screen. How many would you have recognized? Be honest.

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