21 Celebrities You Forgot Made Cameos on Gilmore Girls

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During its seven-season run, Gilmore Girls never failed to deliver its fair share of witty banter, swoon-worthy couples, and adorable mother-daughter moments. It gave us the perfect balance of humor and drama and taught us that there’s no shame in craving coffee to the point of needing it in an IV. But best of all, we were treated to quite a few celebrity cameos. Granted, we already forgot about ninety percent of them because its been over a decade since the show ended. And in our defense, quite a few of these celebs were still relatively unknown, or at least not as popular as they are today.

Some celebrities only appeared for a few moments while others stuck around as minor supporting characters. But you might be surprised to see a few because these guys actually appeared on the series as young kids. Whether it was for five minutes or throughout five episodes, these characters definitely made an impression. See which stars you probably forgot guest starred on Gilmore Girls.

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