17 Gilmore Girls Plot Lines That *Literally* Made No Sense

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Taylor Always Ran Unopposed For Town Selectman

Gilmore Girls Plot Lines No Sense Taylor Doose

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Everyone hated Taylor Doose, especially when he would constantly abuse his power as Town Selectman to further his own personal needs. Remember that time he refused Lorelai’s permits to work on the Dragonfly because he wanted something from Luke? Or the time he wouldn’t consider selling the Twickham House to Luke just because he didn’t like him? And don’t forget that he was systematically buying up buildings in the town to create a small monopoly on apartment complexes. At best, Taylor was corrupt and a little out of touch. At worst, he was a tyrannical despot. So why was the only person who ever ran for the position against him Jackson, and how did he get the position back after Jackson quit? Was there seriously no one else willing to take on the job? Even Kirk would be a better Town Selectman than Taylor, and he can’t even organize an egg hunt!

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