17 Gilmore Girls Plot Lines That *Literally* Made No Sense

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Mick Was Kirk And Kirk Was Mick

Gilmore Girls Plot Lines No Sense Kirk Gleason Mick

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In an easily-avoidable continuity error, Kirk’s first appearance on Gilmore Girls was actually as Mick the DSL Installer. His next credit on the show was as the “Swan Guy,” but by episode five, he was christened “Kirk” by Miss Patty. Sean Gunn, the actor who portrayed Kirk, wasn’t originally a series regular, but the producers enjoyed his appearances as Mick and Swan Guy so much that they decided to give him a recurring role and changed his name while they were at it. We wouldn’t want to see Gilmore Girls without Kirk, but it would have been so easy to just keep calling him Mick or to establish Kirk as some type of confusing nickname for Mick instead of just assuming none of us would notice.

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