17 Gilmore Girls Plot Lines That *Literally* Made No Sense

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The First Time We See Christopher It Isn’t Really Christopher

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The writing staff of Gilmore Girls really underestimated their audience. They just assumed we wouldn’t notice that Mick was Kirk or that Trix wasn’t really dead or that the first time we see a photo of Rory’s father, he was a totally different guy from the actual actor portraying Rory’s father. In a photobooth image of her “parents” that Rory looked at during season one, Lorelai was clearly Lorelai, not some stranger cast to play “Young Lorelai,” but Christopher was not David Sutcliffe, who would go on to play Lorelai’s baby daddy for the rest of the series including the revival. Why not just cast two actors to be the younger version of the couple if the writers just fully didn’t know who was going to play Christopher later on the season? Did they just think Christopher would never actually be shown? Or that we just wouldn’t notice or care? For shame, Gilmore Girls writers, for shame.

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