17 Gilmore Girls Plot Lines That *Literally* Made No Sense

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Rory Spends A Ton Of Money Considering She’s Unemployed

Gilmore Girls Plot Lines Year In The Life No Sense Rory Gilmore


On the Gilmore Girls revival, it was well-established that Rory wasn’t doing too well professionally. She’d only had one major article published since graduation, she didn’t have a steady job, and she was moving home to take an unpaid position saving the small town Stars Hollow Gazette. At the same time, she was renting an apartment in the most expensive city in America, New York City, taking regular trips to see her cheating paramour Logan Huntzberger in another country, and constantly buying coffee when she could so easily make it at home. She may have simply inherited Lorelai’s aforementioned poor money management, but her expenses were pretty lavish considering her struggling career. And we know Logan couldn’t be footing the bill for all of Rory’s flights, lest his poor fiancé put two and two together and realize he was a cheating buttfaced miscreant.

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