17 Gilmore Girls Plot Lines That *Literally* Made No Sense

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Kirk Had A Million Jobs

Gilmore Girls No Sense Kirk Gleason

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The definition of a jack Kirk of all trades, the eccentric-but-lovable Kirk Gleason had over 60 jobs during Gilmore Girls‘ eight seasons. From his entrance in the series as Mick the DSL Installer (yes, MICK?!?) to stints as a swan delivery man, a video rental clerk and a wedding DJ, Kirk couldn’t seem to stay at a job for more than one episode. In real life, having dozens of jobs with short lifespans is usually a bit of a red flag for employers (we’d hate to see his LinkedIn profile), so it makes no sense that Kirk would keep getting hired at businesses with his proven track record of transience and incompetence. Why would he be hired to coordinate the Winter Carnival after losing 59 rotting eggs in the town square? Who would let him work at a beauty shop after selling his toxic skincare line Hay There across town? That’s not even mentioning the fact that a lot of his jobs required specific training and job certifications like his time as a mold inspector, a termite inspector and a mechanic. Kirk was passionate about every job he held, but his ever-changing employment status could only work in the fairytale land of Stars Hollow.

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