17 Gilmore Girls Plot Lines That *Literally* Made No Sense

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The Sudden Appearance of Lane’s Absentee Father

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A common Gilmore Girls misconception was that Lane Kim‘s father didn’t exist. In a show about single motherhood, mental shortcuts lead us to believe that Mrs. Kim was also going it alone, despite her constant snarky comments about Lorelai Gilmore‘s marital status. Lane’s father was mentioned occasionally throughout the series, but for some bizarre reason, Amy Sherman-Palladino didn’t think to include him in the show even during ~Big Life Events~ like Lane’s wedding or the birth of her child. Mr. Kim was finally seen, albeit briefly, during Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life, most likely in response to the fact that we all started to notice that he was MIA. He still had no dialogue and no real impact on Lane’s life, but at least now we know he wasn’t some type of A Beautiful Mind-style figment of the Kims’ imagination.

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