17 Gilmore Girls Plot Lines That *Literally* Made No Sense

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Lorelai Had Questionable Money Management Skills

Gilmore Girls Plot Lines No Sense Rory and Lorelai Gilmore

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Ah, Friday Night Dinners. The omnipresent pox on Lorelai Gilmore’s weekends was instigated after decades of success in avoiding her parents because Lorelai was desperate for money to send Rory to Chilton. Once the loan was paid back, Lorelai would be able to return to her life free from Emily Gilmore‘s critical eye, but Lorelai never really tried to save money to reimburse her parents. The Gilmore Girls never cooked at home and were always shopping for novelty items like fuzzy alarm clocks or monkey lamps. While the cost of living in a small town like Stars Hollow wouldn’t be very high, it would have made more sense for Lorelai’s character to do whatever it took to get out from under Emily’s thumb, even if it meant cutting down on the Chinese takeout.

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