17 Gilmore Girls Plot Lines That *Literally* Made No Sense

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Lorelai Dated Max Medina Even Though She Knew Better

Gilmore Girls Plot Lines No Sense Max Medina Lorelai Gilmore

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Lorelai Gilmore never made the best decisions when it came to the men in her life. Exhibit A: Getting pregnant at sixteen. Still, as a mother, she was careful to keep her personal life separate from her home life to protect her daughter from getting too attached to her short-lived romances. No matter how cute and kind Max Medina was, why would Lorelai make such a dramatic 180 from completely separating her dating life from her daughter’s life to dating her daughter’s own English teacher? Lorelai consistently placed Rory’s needs above her own, so she realistically wouldn’t have given into Max’s advances when she knew she was making a mistake. As for having poor impulse control and making out with Max in his Chilton classroom… that sounds like the Lorelai Gilmore we all know and love.

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