17 Gilmore Girls Plot Lines That *Literally* Made No Sense

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Rory Became Valedictorian Instead Of Paris

Gilmore Girls Plot Lines No Sense Rory Gilmore

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Rory Gilmore was driven, goal-oriented and autodidactic, which was how she ended up at Chilton in the first place. Regardless of her bookish intelligence, Rory did spend her first two years in high school at Stars Hollow High, a school that undoubtedly has less AP or IB classes than Chilton, therefore meaning that even with a perfect GPA, Rory’s 4.0 would have been lower than the 5.0 available to Chilton students taking a full AP course load. Paris Gellar was Rory’s mental equal, but she had the advantage of being able to attend Chilton and schools of its caliber for her entire academic career. No matter how hard she worked, Rory wouldn’t have been able to surpass Paris’s class rank, especially after struggling to adapt to Chilton’s course load at the beginning of the series.

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