16 Interesting Facts About The Golden Globes

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The Golden Globes are traditionally the start of awards season. After Christmas and New Year’s Eve, celebrities barely have time to catch their breath (and finish digesting their turkey). Before they know it, they’re onto the Golden Globes. Even people who don’t pay attention to nominations and red carpets know that much. But that’s just the start of the fascinating Golden Globes info.

If you’re someone who looks forward to awards season, you likely can name your favorite Golden Globes red carpet looks of all time and the actors and actresses who were cruelly snubbed for statues they deserved. You might even be able to tell us last year’s Best Actress and Best Actor winners without looking it up. They’re key moments of the show’s lengthy history. There are also some lesser-known things totally not on your radar. Take a break from your Golden Globes betting sheet and have a look.

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