16 “Groundbreaking” Series That Are Actually Problematic TV Shows

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“Problematic” is a word that has been cropping up more and more in recent years. It seems that so much these days can be classified under that umbrella. But, let’s be real, it’s not just “snowflakes being offended.” It’s the reality that some things in popular culture are straight up offensive and troublesome. Rule of thumb: you don’t get to tell someone if they should be offended or not. If they are, due to problematic TV shows or movies, then maybe there’s a bigger issue! So many of the most “groundbreaking” series in the last few years have, in actuality, turned out to be hugely problematic TV shows!

Some of these shows have no idea how to handle race relations, others can’t grasp reasonable class portrayal or tact when it comes to health and weight loss. What may be funny to some can be incredibly hurtful to others. Does this mean that we shouldn’t joke about anything ever again? Definitely not! But, it’s important to recognize the TV shows that aim to do something ~groundbreaking~ and totally miss the mark! Here are some of the most “important” shows of our time that actually have some deep, problematic issues!

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