16 “Groundbreaking” Series That Are Actually Problematic TV Shows

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Game of Thrones

One of TV’s most problematic TV shows is also one of its most popular. Game of Thrones has a lot of problems. Racism, sexism, and a casual stance on sexual assault are just some of the cringe-worthy aspects of the show. There are very few developed characters of color on the show — you can probably count all of the ones with names on one hand. Even when there are diverse communities presented, they’re basically just there for Daenerys to save (hello, all of Essos!). Game of Thrones also has a widely publicized rape problem. There have been almost 20 rape scenes and near-rape scenes in the series’ history. While that can make for powerful storytelling if done right, here it just feels like gratuitous violence against women with very little emotional payoff to account for it being a plot point again and again and again!

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