16 “Groundbreaking” Series That Are Actually Problematic TV Shows

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This Is Us

This Is Us is basically guaranteed to make you laugh and cry every week. But, that doesn’t mean it’s without its flaws. One of the most problematic parts of the show is anything concerning Kate’s (Chrissy Metz) weight loss. While it’s always great to see a real looking woman on TV, her storyline has been reduced to fatphobic tropes and not much more. The show acts as if she has nothing else to offer other than her constant worries about her weight. The series also takes her insecurities and amplifies them by 100 when it comes to her relationship. Her boyfriend is sweet, but completely ignores Kate’s boundaries. Yet, he’s still portrayed as her ideal man and the best a girl like her could get! Kate deserves so much more than the problematic storylines she receives on this show!

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