16 “Groundbreaking” Series That Are Actually Problematic TV Shows

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Modern Family

Modern Family is named such because of its depiction of modern day, diverse families. When it first began, it did a great job of showing different kinds of families and the craziness that we all go through with our loved ones. But, as the show has progressed, it has presented the exact type of stereotypes it had hoped to debunk. There’s casual racism when it comes to Gloria (Sofia Vergara), who is rarely given storylines that don’t have to do with her ethnicity or the fact that she’s dating a much older, white man. As one of the only prominent characters with a nonwhite background, this is especially problematic. But this isn’t the only issue! The LGBT couple is frequently the butt of jokes; the youngest Dunphy daughters are stereotypes (one is dumb and pretty, the other is smart but has no friends); the men are almost all casually sexist. It’s all used as fodder for laughs while making this one of the most problematic TV shows along the way!

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