16 “Groundbreaking” Series That Are Actually Problematic TV Shows

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Sex and the City

Sex and the City was groundbreaking when it came to depicting women’s sexuality. They talked about vibrators, orgasms, oral, and every type of female pleasure most types of TV shows to this day are afraid to talk about. But, it runs into the same problematic issue that plagues many of the show on this list: it’s completely whitewashed. Much like the gang on Friends, how do these women in New York City not know any people of color?! There is also the issue of the men on this show! While the women are searching for ~true love~ in NYC, they run into some of the sleaziest men alive and constantly make excuses for them. While the show mostly dealt with heterosexual relationships, when it did delve into LGBT territory, it was always a damn mess. There are also the instances of casual slut-shaming (mostly towards sex-positive Samantha, played by Kim Cattrall) on a show that claims to be about women loving sex just as much as men. The show will forever be iconic for depicting the dating scene for young women. But, you know, only white, affluent, heterosexual young women!

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