16 “Groundbreaking” Series That Are Actually Problematic TV Shows

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During it’s run, Girls was both much beloved and much maligned. The series had a lot of positive qualities. There were the body-positive leanings, the realistic struggles of some twentysomethings, and a female-led cast. But, behind those things, there were some hugely problematic issues. The show aimed to show the universal struggles of twentysomethings fresh out of college trying to make their way in the world but really just centered in on a small, privileged set of individuals living in gentrified Brooklyn. The “relatability” the show strived for was completely skewed. There’s also a huge lack of representation on the show. The entire cast was white, with a few exceptions sprinkled in throughout the run. It’s hard to make grand statements about money struggles, feminism, and romance without including anyone other than affluent white girls!

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