16 “Groundbreaking” Series That Are Actually Problematic TV Shows

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Let’s be real, Seinfeld was never trying to be unproblematic. Not to say it was actively trying to cause issues, but it was a series about selfish people doing selfish things that were funny and wrong. So, you could say that the problematic nature of the show was built into the comedy. Though, under the surface of the obvious racist and sexist jokes that poked fun at the characters’ prejudices was something a little deeper. There were homophobic and sexist undertones to many of the things Jerry & Co. do in the series. We should also mention that the cast is predominantly white and male, with any minority or woman stepping into the series being mined for laughs in some stereotypical capacity. Oftentimes the show intended to be shocking, but it was the most problematic when it unconsciously being offensive!

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