We Stalked Hannah B.’s Bachelorette Contestants So You Don’t Have To

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Joe Romeo is also probably not here to find love because he does some acting on the side of his day job as a literal hero. Joe is a New York firefighter, and some vague posts on his Facebook make it sound like he’ll have a sob story to share.

Garrett Powell, meanwhile, might actually want to find love. He has no desire to be an actor judging by social media, and he *shocker* loves Jesus. His Twitter bio is “I am just a man with a heart and sinful hands,” which is either a Jesus thing or a gross overshare… or both?

The most important thing I learned from this cathartic stalking session was that the men left for filming on March 12th (thanks, Kevin Fortenberry‘s Facebook), so it looks like Alabama Hannah’s well on her way to finding her fierce love. Now, we patiently wait for Reality Steve to his us with that good first night tea.

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