We Stalked Hannah B.’s Bachelorette Contestants So You Don’t Have To

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Luke Parker is for sure unemployed, but he occasionally works at a CrossFit. Could be worse? He played baseball at High Point University and Faulkner University, but the main takeaway from his social media is that he loves Jesus. Like really, really loves Jesus. 80% of his Facebook is videos from something called Buck Kennedy Ministries and Tim Tebowe quotes. The Big Thing about Luke, though, is that he was in a serious relationship until Spring 2018, which is why his sister nominated him for the show. She did a whole interview about it at the Gainesville Times. At least we know he’s here for love.

Luke Stone is the Nick Viall lookalike who shook the world. He’s like some type of political wunderkind who went to George Washington University for PoliSci before getting a job at the House of Representatives (for a Democrat, thank God), and now he works for Fraioli & Associates. He’s also rumored to run a website called Lukes Spirits for a boutique liquor-making company. The best part about Lil Nicky, though, is that he was the Sig Chi social chair in college. Some books you really can judge by their covers.

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