We Stalked Hannah B.’s Bachelorette Contestants So You Don’t Have To

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Just to pile on another tiny factoid, Devin Harris worked at a Cheesecake Factory and is from Sherman Oaks, so my own logical reasoning tells me he worked at the Galleria and is probably trying to be an actor.

There’s also an actual Divison 1 football player, Daron B., who went to University of Kentucky and was on the same team as his twin brother. His dad is former NBA player Mookie Blaylock (which, sidebar, is an *awesome* name), so he probably also has money.

Jed Wyatt is my favorite contestant because he is proudly a former stripper. Technically, he was a “male revue dancer” at the Music City Male Revue in Nashville and his now-private Instagram showed him working there as recently as late 2018. PSA if you Google Music City Male Revue, the first Google result is “Music City Male Strippers” with the same phone number as the revue, so yeah, he’s a stripper. He’s also literally *so* hot. His one flaw is that he’s a singer-songwriter. I haven’t listened to his single, “Paradise,” on Spotify, but you know I will.

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