What HBO’s Insecure Taught Me About Friendships

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HBO’s Insecure has been breaking barriers since it first aired in 2016. As opposed to similar hit shows that focus on quirky white protagonists, this series offers a deep dive into black womanhood and what it’s like to navigate in a world where you don’t always fit in. It offers a new, relatable perspective that women of color rarely get to see, which is beyond refreshing. But one of the most important things that make this show stand out for me, personally, is how it tackles friendships.

Natasha Rothwell, who portrays Kelli on the show, once said: “The bond between real girlfriends is holy, especially at our lowest points.” It’s a statement that rang true every time I saw Issa, Molly, Kelli, and Tiffany share the screen. These ladies have mastered the art of playing different roles when they’re in different social circles, but whenever they’re together, they create a safe space where they’re free to be their wild and authentic selves. Whether they’re taking blow job classes or fangirling over Beyoncé at Coachella, these ladies know how to have fun and they give off the best vibes. They’ve also proven to be loyal and supportive friends who don’t hesitate to call each other out on their BS (and the same can be said for the Lawrence and his sarcastic friend, Chad).

But as I watched these characters interact, I noticed that the writers touched on topics that are rarely ever addressed when it comes to fictional friend groups.

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