16 Miniseries That Deeply Explore Fascinating Real Events

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historical miniseries featured Chernobyl 2


Miniseries are often exactly what you’re looking to watch. They’re longer than movies, but each installment is shorter, so they fit more easily around the rest of your life. On top of that, they don’t require the extended commitment that many long-running series do. They’re kind of like a good beach read. For many miniseries, the best place to look for great stories is in history. After all, those stories don’t require as much original creation. They already exist.

Even so, telling stories based in history comes with its own challenges. For one thing, there’s an obligation to tell the stories accurately. For another, stories set in the past require a lot of extra work on reproducing details precisely. Even so, there are many miniseries that take on these challenges gladly and produce tremendous series as a result. Here are 16 miniseries that do deep dives into real history.

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