15 Hot TV Doctors Who Will Make You Fake Sick

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Doug Ross ER 2


Doctor shows have been a staple on TV for years, especially in the 2000s. They save lives, hook up, and deal with plenty of drama both at work and at home. For the most part, doctors on TV are incredibly good looking. They aren’t just smart and willing to risk everything to save a life, they’re also better looking than regular people. The hottest TV doctors truly have it all.

Of course, you can find TV doctors in plenty of shows that aren’t about doctors, specifically. Even so, the best place to find lots of hot doctors is on shows all about them, which only makes sense. Still, there’s no shortage of attractive TV doctors to go around, and we don’t hear anyone complaining. The hottest TV doctors aren’t just physically attractive, they’ve got so much else going for them. Here are the hottest doctors in TV history.

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