17 Iconic Fashion Moments On Game of Thrones

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The many characters on Game of Thrones have a lot to worry about. There are dragons, ice zombies, and political fights to be had. Given all of the things that must be on their minds regularly, it’s a small miracle that any of them manage to find clothes that fit. The clothes on Game of Thrones don’t just fit, though. In fact, they often have ensembles that would feel right at home on the runway. Game of Thrones fashion is often to die for.

For most of the show’s run, its costumes have been designed by veteran costume designer Michelle Clapton, and she clearly knows what she’s doing. Whether it’s lighter garments for the members of the cast filming in the desert or heavier gear for characters in the North, everyone looks great basically all the time. If you look carefully, the show’s costumes also tell a story. The way they transform over seasons can speak to how a character has changed. Of course, there are also individual looks that really stand out, including some on this list.

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